Mr. Tom Muchura


Mr. Tom Muchura is employed by Africa Tea Brokers since 1971 and has wide knowledge in all aspects of tea broking.  During his career he has travelled extensively throughout East Africa and has sound knowledge of tea manufacture.  He has visited tea growing areas in India and Sri Lanka.  He spent a period in the UK, attached to Geo White Tea Brokers; this included visiting buyers, blenders and packers.

He has served on the EATTA management committee for several years both as a co-opted member and finally as a brokers’ representative and on various EATTA sub-committees including chairing the Public Relations and Educational sub-committee and as a member of the Rules and Auction Conditions, which he serves currently as the Chairman.  He was also a member of the Warehousing and the Packaging & Auction Conditions sub-committee.

He has been on the main organizing committees for various tea conventions and seminars in East Africa; most recently chaired the Committee of the World Tea Convention held in Nairobi in October, 2001 and National Tea Business Conference and FAO IGG on Tea in December, 2006.  He is the Chairman of the Tea Brokers Association which he has served for many years.  Mr. Muchura is an alumnus of Nairobi School.