Projects undertaken by EATTA

Auction Management Information System

YES To the Hammer and NO to the Mouse

EATTA in its bid to automate its business processes and turn Mombasa tea auction to a complete electronic auction hub decided to carry out a sensitization /change management processes of its members. The proposed Auction Management Information System (AMIS) project was expected to transform the Mombasa tea auction into an electronic auction trading platform.

The sensitization program was conducted by in  2012 where the EATTA stakeholders gave their opinion and verdict on the implementation of E-auction. The EATTA members agreed to automate its redundant business processes along the chain to improve the efficiency and guarantee transparency but continue with the outcry system. A demonstration was conducted by Indian NSEIT the developers of the indian e-Auction for the tea industry.

All EATTA member categories along the chain were represented on the final workshop. membership noted that it is necessary to keep up with the fast-moving technology and suggested that EATTA evaluate and analyze the processes along the chain and introduce relevant automation.

EATTA has now implemented a number of automation initiatives to enhance efficiency and guarantee  transparency at the Auction. Namely the streaming of the auction proceedings live to its stakeholders and real time  capture with display of the the auction transaction and dissemination of the auction data to its stakeholders every hour.