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  2. The East African (press release) (blog)

    Storm in a teacup? Dar, Kampala exporters seek to exit Mombasa auction
    The East African (press release) (blog)
    Last week, Tanzania said it was planning its own tea auction in Dar es Salaam. Uganda had in March this year, said it was planning to market its own tea directly to buyers as it sought better prices, effectively pulling out of the Mombasa auction, the ...

  3. The East African (press release) (blog)

    Tea production across region rises, but Rwanda, Burundi quality is best
    The East African (press release) (blog)
    Favourable weather has boosted East Africa's tea production in the six months to June this year, even as prices have dropped in the wake of oversupply and enforcement of aflatoxin testing rules last year, which have halved exports to Pakistan, the ...

  4. The East African (press release) (blog)

    Tanzania targets five regions to boost tea yields and sales
    The East African (press release) (blog)
    Unilever Tea Tanzania Ltd (UTT) has set up an $8 million processing factory in Njombe in southern Tanzania, and is supporting farmers with best production practices, seedlings, fertilisers, interest-free loans and extension services. The project has ...

  5. Daily Monitor (press release) (blog)

    Tea prices drop for three consecutive months
    Daily Monitor (press release) (blog)
    Uganda, he said, has failed to put up a regulatory authority and mechanism in the tea sector which is abetting poor quality tea. In Kenya and Rwanda, he said, they are fetching better prices at the Mombasa Auction than Uganda because they have ...

  6. Kenya: Sweet Scent Brewing in Kenyan Tea Cup, Earnings Reach Sh85.74 Billion
    In January 2018, the amount of black tea offered at the Mombasa tea auction increased by a massive 800,000 kilos compared to the previous month. As a matter of fact, the volume of tea traded in the first week of 2018 was almost 2 million kilos more ...

  7. The Standard

    KTDA eyes orthodox tea as demand increases
    The Standard
    Due to the prevailing stiff competition of agricultural products at the World market, the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) has embarked on a radical shift from black tea production to the orthodox brand. The shift has also been occasioned by the ...

  8. The East African (press release) (blog)

    Tea quality and demand affect pricing
    The East African (press release) (blog)
    Global supply and demand dynamics are critical in price determination in Mombasa, which is one of the largest export auction in the world. Teas from different countries differ due to husbandry practices, rainfall patterns, altitudes and soil chemistry ...

  9. The East African (press release) (blog)

    Too much rain lowers quality of Rwandan tea
    The East African (press release) (blog)
    ... in Rwanda, said for smallholder tea farmers, a drop in the global made tea prices translates into reduced farm gate prices for the green tea leaves, as the farm gate price is determined as percentage of the average price at the auction in Mombasa ...

  10. It's ironical that Kenyan tea tops world, yet farmers live in penury
    Daily Nation
    This humble peasant may own as few as 300 tea bushes. But these 'Wanjikus', 422,000 of them, produce 61 per cent of Kenya's tea. The produce sells at Sh400 at the Mombasa Auction, the outlet of 84 per cent of all the tea. All the 95 per cent of the tea ...