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Expression of Interest

For: Design, Development, Implementation and Commissioning of Electronic Auction system

Ref. EOI/IT-EATTA/01/2010

Date September 2010

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Background of EATTA

The East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) is an association body established in 1957 to market tea to the rest of the world through the Mombasa Tea Auction, facilitate effective access to market and other relevant industry information, and promote industry interests rough proactive lobbying and advocacy measures. EATTA has been undergoing major strategic change in all areas including its Business Processes and Service Delivery.

EATTA has conducted a Feasibility study to guide its Business Process Re-engineering process.

EATTA is now looking for partners to implement a Distributed system to support it’s Reengineering process to E-auction.


EATTA wants to engage a competent IT vendor/ firms with experience in turn-key solutions towards the development and installation of a distributed IT solution with the view to automate the Tea trading procedures with special interest in E-auction.

The software system should enable member of the tea trade to conduct auctions online, buy/sell tea products on retail, offer payment settlement, generate statistical reports,

A company can present a proposal for either:

i. Software solution–Distributed system available via web with the following components:

a. Enterprise database solution preferably Oracle database

b. E-auction module

c. E-commerce platform

d. Banking module for settlement & disbursement

ii. Hardware and Infrastructure solution

a. Data centre with off-shore backup capabilities

iii. Both software and hardware & infrastructure solution 

All of the above solution will be as an outsourced service by EATTA and a firm can present aproposal to carry out the project either on its own or in conjunction with her subsidiaries or partners.


The bidders are required to submit their EoIs in the following indicative format:

General Organization Capacity

  1. Organization legally established
  2. Organization registered / accredited in Kenya or in any other state
  3. Appropriateness of Organizations Mandate and/or Mission
  4. Organization’s oversight / governance structures
  5. Current staff that are permanent and with relevant experience base to support the
  6. implementation of the IT project (programming, monitoring, reporting, finance,procurement, logistics, etc.)
  7. Outsourced personnel for specific assignments and their roles
  8. Proposed partnership arrangements (i.e. partnerships with local service providers where need be)

Technical Capacity

  1. Demonstrated technical capacity of the organization
  2. Availability of in-house technical skills
  3. Demonstrated ability to achieve results
  4. Demonstrate Business Continuity plans
  5. Demonstrate Disaster Recovery structures in place

Experience of Organization in IT turn-key Solutions

  1. Demonstrate technical capacity to successfully manage the project, based on experience on similar projects
  2. Demonstrate experience on projects of similar scope and scale.
  3. Demonstrate experience or understanding of auction systems
  4. The EOIs will be evaluated based on the information provided and shortlisted firms will be issued with Request for Proposals (RFP)

Reputable Consultants are invited to express interest for Consultancy service and installation of the system. Interested firms MUST provide any relevant information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services through submittal of (Profiles, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff,

Submission of EOIs

Interested vendors should submit their EOI document on or before 24th September, 2010 by

5.00 pm. The EOI document should be addressed to:

The Managing Director,

East African Tea Trade Association,

P. O. Box 85174 80100,


Download copy of EOI