WTCEX - Webinar

The world Tea & Coffee ExchangeSM in conjunction with EATTA conducted a webinar on a practical demostration of an e-auction on Wednesday 21st July 2010. The webinar was conducted with presenters in differents states in America between 4.00 P.M - 6.30 P.M East African Time.


To showcase the functions of e-auction through a practical session where members participate in real-time

Participants: EATTA Members, although the most represented were buyers, brokers and warehousemen.

Presenters: Mike Maigua, Charity and the team from WTCEX in USA

Areas covered

The webinar presentation covered the following areas:-

  1. Advantages of e-auction
  2. WTCEX understanding of the EATTA and tea industry
  3. Electronic payment
  4. Trading platform
  5. Retail market segment for value added products
  6. Practical participation
  7. Questions and answers

Members had a chance to try out practically buying teas on an online system, the bidding was alot of fun as participants tried to outbid the other buyers. Members then had a chance to ask the presenters their questions and got clarifications on different functions of the WTCEX system.

Though there were some teething challenges at the start of the webinar, the event was a success and members have been requesting for another presentation as they get to understand how online systems work.

This is a first presentation cum workshop in a series of workshops that will be held by EATTA as part of the Business Re-engineering process towards full automation of the auction process.

To try out the WTCEX system kinldy log on and go to trading platform, you will need to register either as a buyer, seller or warehouse for demo purposes. Use your mobile number so that you can get notifications when you bid or complete a transcation.