Types of Tea


There are three types of tea: Green, Oolong and Black. These are the result of the tealeaves being processed in any one of three different ways (unfermented, partially fermented, or completely fermented).

Green tea

This is made by steaming green tea leaves to stop oxidation, rolling the leaves to express flavor and then heating them to dry.

Black tea

This is made by drying the green leaves in a process known as "withering" so the leaves become oxidized (also known as fermented), rolling them, and then applying hot air to stop the oxidation process.


Also known as red teas take after the black teas in that they are prepared the same way, but with a shorter drying period so the leaves are not as oxidized, or fermented


Tea grading is one of the most complicated and misunderstood subjects. It is often misunderstood because of a number factors.

Fanning 1(F1)-Forms about 3-4% of the production. This is a mixture of black tea and large amount of smallish cut fibres often sifted out of the primary grades. The teas are quite useful in tea bags due to its quick brewing, strong flavour and good colouring qualities.






These are not oxidized. They are withered, immediately steamed to prevent oxidation and then rolled and dried. They are characterised by a delicate taste, light green colour and are very refreshing. Some green teas however, can be quite pungent with a surprising amount of body to the cup.

The primary difference between green and black teas is that Green teas are not allowed to go through the fermentation process, which causes teas to turn black during the drying process.

The green Orthodox will produce similar orthodox grades as indicated above while the CTC green teas processing will produce the same CTC grades as above.